History of Hume Springs

The Hume Springs neighborhood is named after a spring that once stood on the property of Mr. Frank Hume and was eventually buried under ground after the turn of the 20th century.


Mr. Hume owned nearby Warwick Estate and the surrounding land where a spring was located and adorned with a large stone gazebo that was often visited in summer by wealthy guests from the City of Washington. The famous spring was located in the middle of old Mount Vernon Avenue at or very near the intersection with present-day Reed Avenue but was eventually destroyed for road expansion and commercial development in the area.


Warwick Estate was especially popular for its Fourth of July celebrations that included fireworks and cannon fire overlooking the Potomac River. The land of the Hume Springs neighborhood was included in the area of land selected by George Washington to become the District of Columbia in 1791; part of the original diamond shape of the city. In 1846 the land comprising today’s Alexandria and Arlington (including Hume Springs) was returned to Virginia governance.Twenty-four years later, in 1870 when the City of Alexandria became independent of the County (now called Arlington County), the Hume Springs land remained with the County.


In 1908 the Town of Potomac, including the Hume Springs marshland, was incorporated as a town in what is now Arlington County. It wasn’t until 1920 that the County changed its name from Alexandria to Arlington. Then in 1930 the Town of Potomac was annexed by the City of Alexandria, thus finally bringing Hume Springs under the governance of the City of Alexandria as it is today.


The spring fed into Four Mile Run stream which now separates the City of Alexandria and Arlington County.  The last remaining natural portion of this stream can be seen between Hume Springs houses and the Cora Kelly School playground.


More recent history can be found at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hume_Springs,_Virginia 


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