The Hume Springs neighborhood in Alexandria, Virginia was established in 1942 with the construction of brick row houses to accommodate the growing number of wartime federal workers located at the Pentagon. It is a quaint neighborhood of about 175 homes whose residents are a wonderful cross-section of Alexandria’s ethnic and racial mix. Hume Springs is bordered by Four Mile Run Park and stream along the Arlington line to the north, Potomac Yard shopping district and Cora Kelly Recreation area to the east, the Arlandria-Chirilagua ethnic community and small business district to the west, and the northern Del Ray neighborhood to the south. The Hume Springs Civic Association has been active for the past 20 years “to promote a safe, clean and productive community environment for all residents… [and] develop and maintain a working relationship with the City of Alexandria to resolve any issues that threatens the well-being of [the] community and residents.”

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